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Chairman Message

Al kabous Group believes that working approaches has changed and the race to the consumer satisfaction became the main concern of industrial, commercial and service companies at home and abroad. We know that development of our present needs a clear vision for our future, because the competition at today’s business world has become severer. Yesterday we started simple but today we have a variety of commercial and industrial activities that are based on solid foundations through the application of the latest management systems applied in institutions and facilities aiming not only at local and regional but also, international expansion at all levels.

The big shift that our group developed since the its founding was a result of effective movement of our sons and employees who persisted in difficult times and enshrined their efforts closely evolving into different business sides and activities: (Industrial - Commercial - Export – Investment) putting in their minds the values and principles we grew up on in our family (AL Kabous Group Family). We positioned customer satisfaction and fulfilling their needs as the measurement of success, and we promise to continue striving to improve our performance and to find the best and finest. Also we will keep crafting new opportunities to increase our activities in the Republic of Yemen or at the regional and international level. In addition, we call upon God Almighty to enlighten us through our journey, in order to contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and promote the development of our children and the future of our society.

In order to achieve this we must invest in human development, because it is the cornerstone of business success and continuity, in spite of the multiplicity of views and differences of the proposed approaches to improve the efficiency of our group and its development. It is agreed upon on the importance of human resource as the common denominator in all areas of labor institutions, also it is the main pillar in the implementation of any development or renovation and the success or failure of any plans or systems.

Hence, this is what makes us emphasize on the need to continue the habilitation of our people and training them to ensure the success of our new projects and the development of the existing ones in order to preserve the continued growth of the various aspects of our industrial, commercial and investment activities.

Above all, we declare our full dedication and determination to shape a better future for our group through continuous improvement of the interaction with our customers, partners and employees, in order to continue providing high quality products and services at the high level.

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