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Incorporation & Founder

In 1938 founder of Al Kabous Haj / Mohammed Hassan started his business through a store located in the salt market in Sanaa where he was engaged in a commercial activity in the sale of goods, notably coffee. At that time, coffee was subjected to primitive traditional methods in preservation, transportation, roasting and grinding. Haj’s honesty, wisdom, good manners and humility coupled with prestige and sobriety played a big role in his prominence between his family members such as his brothers and cousins, even those who are older than him from his uncles and senior family members until he became dean of the family at a quiet young age. The legacy of Haj Mohammed Hassan did not spread only among his family and friends; but also, his acquaintances, customers and clients.

The magnitude of his reputation plus the deep faith mixed with the wide vision for the future of his business, were the real assets that he shared with his employees. Nevertheless, the high effort and continuous work were the reason behind business expansion. Haj Mohammed took the advantage of the success of coffee trade to label his coffee under the name of “Bonn Al Kabous – Al Kabous coffee”. Once Al Kabous coffee entered market, it gained huge fame due to this coffee brand’s quality, which spread between hearts & minds of Yemenis. With the beginning of the forties of the last century, Haj Mohammed began to expand the commercial activity by traveling to the city of Aden to bring miscellaneous goods. While being there he discovered the secret of the wonderful taste of the tea he drank and tasted in Aden. Surprisingly this tea was one of the finest international species of Ceylon Kenyan tea, and as a business entrepreneur, he decided to bring it to the old city of Sanaa, whose inhabitants were drinking nothing but coffee and chaff.

Consequently, in 1948 he became the first to introduce tea to Sana'a and began selling it besides the Al Kabous coffee. This tea marveled Yemeni people with its pure high quality and its wonderful taste that was epitomized in the golden red color. Tea success and fame were no less than the coffee’s, as Haj Mohammed was the only one specialized in selling it in Sanaa and hence was named “High Quality Al Kabous Tea”. Driven by his business success, Haj Mohamed established the first factory in Yemen for roasting and grinding coffee, which was a quantum leap in this time for the coffee trade in Yemen.

In the seventies and eighties, the family’s second generation joined the business represented in the sons of the founder “Hassan - Ibrahim - Hashem - Amin – Ma’moun” who received the ensign from Haj Mohammed and brought forth under the direction of their father major broad, strategic, and successful shifts in the activity of the group.

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