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Stages of development

1- Factory of ground coffee producing and packing:

1983 was the beginning.
1984 export to Gulf countries started.
1988 export to Japan.
1993 export to USA , Canada and United Kingdom.
1996 starting the first factory in Yemen and third in Middle East for packing coffee in aluminum bags by vacuum mechanism.
2005 exporting coffee to Russia.

2- Factory for tea packing:

1948 Importing tea started
1988 Using machines for the first time in the process of filling and packaging.
1992 updating factory machines and starting new lines of production.
1996 adding TPF machines to our line of production.
2000 exporting tea in large volumes to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
2003 exporting tea to the rest Gulf Countries.
2006 starting tea production in teabags.

3- Light Food Processing Factory:

In 1997 we started a new factory for top quality Snacks for children.
In 2000 new production lines have been added.
In 2012 new production lines have also been added.

4- Plastic Factory:

In 1997 the Group started marketing the products of plastic factory.

The factory started producing different sizes of prefabricated water tankers, (500L – 30,000L ), that can be used for all storing purposes.

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