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Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

Due to the prestigious importance of coffee to the group's founders, the management has decided to acquire the policy of continued modernization in the coffee factories’ equipment through updating them with the latest largesse of technology in this field, in which the last update was between 2013 and 2014 by the latest machinery and equipment in the Middle East. The group now has one of the biggest and the largest industrial complexes for storing, roasting and grinding coffee equipped with the newest technological equipment and laboratories. We are committed to applying the concept of total quality, which follows strict quality control procedures to ensure consumer access to unmatched high-value and quality products. All of these efforts allowed Al kabous group to become the top ranked worldwide in the export of Yemeni coffee to the Arabian Gulf, Jordan, Iraq, Japan, USA, UK, Canada and others.

After growth of our trade and the increasing demand on “Al Kabous Tea” in all the Yemeni provinces and other markets in Arabian countries where it is distinguished due to its quality and tastes. We worked very hard and diligently to meet this growing demand, as our goal was to fulfill those requests and satisfy consumers by offering them tastes they always desired in a diversity of shapes and sizes of “Al Kabous Tea” suited up for the evolutionary style and daily way of life. So in the last quarter of the past century, we founded the first and largest factory for tea production and packaging in the Middle East; achieving unmatched success and superiority which covered the whole Yemeni market, not only that but also exporting it to neighboring markets.

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