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Al Kabous Coffee journey

The first cradle to the best flavor

Each cup of Al Kabous coffee, admired by millions around the world has a long journey before reaching consumers, interesting to tell, being a product of a deep rooted heritage besides its historical legacy that its name came from with its different collections and tastes that satisfy our customers with an exotic taste.

The journey starts from the stands and the slopes of the mountains of Yemen, the home of Yemeni coffee. From the maternal trees that hold the inveterate origin Arabian coffee, the best fresh and grown seeds are selected. After collection, they are peeled; seeds are washed and dried, then prepared for sowing and planting.

Then in the suitable time and in carefully prepared nurseries in a fertile soil of rich organic materials, the selected seeds are planted there as a temporary cradle for them. During this stage, these nurseries are under regular and continuous fertilization and shadowing besides pest control for a period ranging between 6-7 months. Afterwards seed is dissociated from its cradle and moved to its permanent planting area.

With this move, the second growth cycle starts in this area, where seed receives a transcendent natural irrigation and fertilization, in order to get the needed nutrients that provide the best circumstances and the conditions for their growth. We are very concerned to follow scientific and modern means of maintaining our trees and protecting them against pests, diseases and epidemics. Therefore the Coffee tree can enjoy appropriate environment to grow in order to be well prepared to reach the production stage and be able to give the best and finest harvest in terms of quantity and quality. When it’s fully grown red, seed fruits are picked with its bearers in order to maintain its quality and value.

Then the coffee cherries are moved to their peeling location. This is a complicated drying process aiming to remove moisture from the pulp (coffee cherry) through subjecting it to sun light in dry places for a period ranging between 10 days to two weeks to reach a balanced precise ratio of moisture ranges between 11-12%. Because any rise or decrease above or below this percentage will cause to coffee cherries serious damage making them lose their value and flavor. This peeling process is running automatically without affecting the coffee cherry in any way or even by a scratch to keep its splendor and amazing fragranced scent.

The coffee cherries then start their second trip from the nature bosom embrace to the World of modern technology that we use in reserving, roasting, and grinding coffee in our factories and labs; which no one rivals us in Yemen and throughout the region. The coffee cherries go under the hospitality of our storehouses, which are specially prepared according to international standards in reservation and storing so we could keep the coffee cherries’ natural quality and flavor without change. Then they get sorted and cleaned of impurities, and then sorted by the latest machines and scientific methods, which separates cherries to net grain according to sizes that are exported in the form of beans.

Afterwards, the coffee beans selected for grinding are transported to the roasting plants in our factories where we take care of the minutest details such as temperatures and roasting degrees. Our roasting plants produces three categories of roasted beans according to their roasting degrees, and they are:

• White (Light).
• Red (Medium).
• Dark (Turkish).

After roasting, we transport the beans to the independent milling plants where we grind them into two different levels, which are:

1. The coarse grinded coffee for coffee machines use.
2. Soft grinded coffee for individual use.

Nevertheless, we add flavors during grinding in order to satisfy different tastes as follows:

• Mere coffee without any flavors, to suit different grades of grinding or levels of roasting.
• Cardamom flavored light and dark coffee.
• Medium coffee flavored with an exquisite collection of Arabian spices such as Carnations, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

Then the packaging process begins inside our laboratories through a high precision, and quality coefficient equipment where packaging is carried out according to the highest standards and is operated automatically without any human intervention; so as not to affect the magnificent natural taste and flavor of Al kabous coffee. Slides of aluminum foil are used mainly as packing material to provide high tolerance for packs. Air is sucked out from coffee packs to keep the coffee’s natural flavor retained all the time. Packs are shaped and sized in multiple ways to meet diverse customer needs.

And thus Al kabous coffee reaches the last station in its interesting journey and says to its fans and lovers: Here I am in your hands to enjoy your life and enjoy your favorite taste of the wonderful fragrant smell of Al kabous coffee (The first cradle...and the best flavor).

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