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Al Kabous Tea

Natural quality, purity, and taste

Due to our full commitment and attachment to quality, and the fact that consumer’s satisfaction is our first and last goal. We vowed ourselves to provide our clients the best largesse of tea plantations in the world represented in Al kabous tea, to be sure that Al kabous group is privileged with its outstanding natural quality for more than 70 years till now.

From natural fields -the finest tea plantations in the world- comes Al Kabous Tea, tealeaves are carefully selected and daily harvested manually to guarantee its containment of the high quality, unprecedented taste, and emphasize its unmatched purity.

Our love and passion for tea since old times, and our commitment to provide the best leaves of tea plantations, made Al kabous tea –with pride- the most popular and out loved tea to the satisfaction and desirability of consumer in Yemen, and expanded its fame to find impressive growing demand wherever it existed.

Al Kabous tea features a combination of wonderful taste and pure golden red color that provides you with a classical experience of a high value tea and flood you with joy and vitality, to enjoy the most pleasing times with an indulging taste that takes you to the a world of amazing sensations.

Al kabous tea industry:

Al kabous group established its first factory in Yemen for packaging tea in 1988 and equipped with the most accurate machinery and equipment of modern technology. Al Kabous group vowed since its foundation to commit to applying the total quality and full service concept to its consumers of their products inside and outside Yemen. After launching this factory, our first production started and we began to promote for our tea through our expanded supply chain and distributors, in order to spread it all over each corner of Yemen, and later exporting it to other countries.

In the past few years, our tea industry has made a giant development shift as we become a big industrial complex for tea which contains four separate sections according to manufacturing method and consumer desire as follows:

1. Abu Khait Tea factory for making teabags.
2. The family factory for processing tea.
3. The tea packs Factory.
4. Green tea Factory.

After increasing demand inside and outside Yemen, particularly in the Gulf region, the group decided to establish a manufacturing plant outside Yemen to cover the Gulf market and the world demand. Therefore, the group chose Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be the cornerstone of the world's first tea factory in 2006, making it the group’s fifth factory in the field of tea production. Thanks to the grace of God then to the quality of materials used in tea packaging in addition to the strict measures taken to control that quality to ensure consumer access to high quality products, Al kabous group occupied a prominent place and gained trust and credibility among customers and consumers of Al kabous group. For now, “Al Kabous Tea” stays first their choice.

Al kabous Tea Variations:

There are two main variation: tea bags and sachets, which come in different packs/sizes to suite different demands:

1. Al kabous mint flavored green tea:
o It offers a stylish combination for those with high taste and Al kabous tea lovers.
o Al kabous green mint tea is delivered to you to enjoy more and more of the uncounted benefits of green tea, which has distinctive flavor and wonderful mint taste, and here are some of green tea benefits:
o The Mint is antispasmodic, intestinal gases repellent, appetizing, remover of indigestion, anti-flatulence and cough sedative, also it is useful for headache, migraine, as a diuretic, and for kidney stones.
o Al kabous green tea with jasmine:
Al kabous green tea with golden Jasmine leaflets invites you to the world of meditation, calmness and relaxation with its unique refreshing taste. It is the best reward for your great senses and internal peace.

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