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Group Activities

Industrial Sector

Al Kabous group is considered one of the oldest industrial groups in Yemen, where it began its industrial activities in 1951 with the establishment of the first factory for coffee processing in Yemen. Because of the consecutive successes the business has grown and expanded in this sector reaching a total of thirteen factories in various fields, mostly are industrial complexes. All of these industrial complexes adopt advanced manufacturing technology through following the technical and administrative modern systems, and this is why most of our products received international quality certificate as well as other certificates in industrial quality and excellence from specialized international regional and local institutions.

We are locally manufactures of the following: 1- Plastic Water Tank of customized different sizes, under own brand name of "Syntex".  We are the pioneer in manufacturing and introducing the above-mentioned useful items.
2- We manufacture shopping bags, etc.
3- We have candle factory.
4- We manufacture light snack foods, namely potato and corn Chips, under the brand names of "Adnan & Leena" , "Rally", Mister Chips, Al-Sanafer pofak with cheese as well as with ketchup, etc.

Commercial Activities

1- Importer of Electrical Domestic Appliances from USA .  We are the Sole Agent for their production ranges, namely Frigidaire, Gibson and Bissell brands.
2- We import from China, Turkey, etc. electrical home appliances under own brand names of Swift & Sintex (refrigerators, freezers, cookers, heaters, fans, microwaves, etc., etc.).
3- We import digital weighing machines from A&D in Japan. We are the sole agent for Yemen market.
4- We import from Austria, Energy Drink under the brand name of "Power Horse", we are their sole agent.
5- We also import Spitz Juices from Austrian.  We are the sole agent for the above Austrian products.
6- We have Ginger Beer under our own brand name.
7- Chabaa Drinks from Malee Bangkok, Thailand. We are agent for their beverage products.
8- We import Australian Honey from M/s. Melobee Ltd.  Under the brand name of "Golden Bee" and we are the sole agent for Yemen market.
9- We import confectionary and biscuits from Al-Seedawi of Kuwait, we are their sole agent.

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